Workshop on Group Actions on Discrete Structures


Kranjska Gora, Hotel Ramada


16–21 June 2024

Organised by:

Marston Conder and Primož Potočnik

Financially supported by ARIS, project no. N1 0216


This workshop is devoted to various aspects of actions of groups on discrete structures. This theme is intended to include permutation groups as well as automorphism groups of graphs, maps and polytopes. The workshop will be held at the Ramada Resort Hotel at Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, from Monday 16 June to Friday 21 June, with people expected to arrive on Sunday 16 June and depart after lunchtime on Friday 21 June. Kranjska Gora is a picturesque town in the north-west of Slovenia, close to both Austria and Italy, and quite famous as a ski resort in winter and for walking and other activities in the summer.


This is an invitation-only event. So far, the following participants have confirmed attendance: Binzhou Xia, Djordje Mitrović, Isabel Hubard, Gareth Jones, Jozef Širáň, Luke Morgan, Marco Barbieri, Kamilla Rekvényi, Mima Stanojkovski, Olivia Reade, Pablo Spiga, Robert Jajcay, Shasha Zheng, Yanquan Feng, Dong Dong Hou, Antonio Montero, Rhys Evans, Micael Toledo, Alejandra Ramos, Maruša Lekše, Ted Dobson, Primož Šparl, Marston Conder and Primož Potočnik.


We plan for the workshop to run in a similar style to workshops at Banff, Oaxaca and Oberwolfach, with a small number of lectures but considerable focus on open problems and questions. A more detailed programme will be published later.

Accommodation, transport etc.

Accommodation plus breakfast and either lunch or dinner will be provided, and thanks to a generous funding support by the Slovenian Research and Innovation Agency (ARIS), research project N1 0216, there will be no registration fee (except possibly for a workshop dinner and/or other combined social activities). Of course if you have grant money you need to spend, you can pay for your hotel room. Participants will need to arrange their own travel to and from Kranjska Gora. The closest main airport is at Ljubljana, with direct flights to & from Amsterdam, Brussels, Dubai, Frankfurt, London, Munich, Paris and Zurich, for example. Ljubljana airport is 66 km from Kranjska Gora, and there are regular buses and shuttle/taxi services between it and Kranjska Gora. For example, a ride with the "Go-Opti" shuttle service currently costs 78 Euros per person one-way, but less than that if more than one person is travelling. The closest train station is Jesenice (on the main line between Munich and Ljubljana or Zagreb), and it takes only 24 minutes by bus from there to Kranjska Gora.

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